NCTE  Show cause Notice पत्रांक 57029  दिनांक 17.05.2018 के आलोक में विवरणी


Subject :- Revised Recognition Order was issued on 29th May, 2015 from the academic session 2015-2016 subject to fulfillment of the conditions in respect of enhancement of additional built up area, additional infrastructure, additional fund, additional staff, maintain and update institutional website :-

Para No. 3.

(i) Faculty list :-  A.  Sanctioned Post    B. Advertisment of BPSC (PR-GTC-02-2016-Lecturer)

                          C.   Faculty                 D.  Guest Faculty         E. Directoriate Letter                

(ii) Blue print of building plan in original duly approved by the Govt. Engineer.
(iii) Building completion certificate duly approved by the Govt. Engineer.
(iv) Our Website is full maintained and updated time to time.


NCTE  Public Notice पत्रांक 55793 दिनांक 30.01.2018 के आलोक में विवरणी

                  a) Sanction Programmes along with annual intake in the institution.

               b) Name of faculty and staff in full details of qualification

               C) Name of faculty Member who left or joined during the last quarter.

                d) Name of Students admitted during the current session

                e) Fee Charged from Students.   B.Ed. & M.Ed.

                f) Available infrastructural facilities

                g) Facilities added during the last quarter  Administrative Building - Hostel  -  ICT

                h) Number of books in the library, journals subcribed to and additions, if any, in last quarter.

                i) The affidavit with enclosure submitted along with application.